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Anmelde- und Geschäftsbedingungen

Anmelde- und Geschäftsbedingungen


The enrolment is possible as follows:

  1. Online on including your details as men­tioned in number 4. For a reduction on course fees, we will need a certain confirmation via email, fax, mail etc.
  2. By calling us or by sending us an email if you are already registered as a participant and we already have your current bank details.
  3. In person at Stadtstr. 17, 30159 Hanover. The opening times can be found here.
  4. Via mail by sending us a direct debit authorisation. Furthermore, we will require the number of the specific course, your name, date of birth, address and a telephone number.
  5. Via fax to 0511 / 338 798 42 along with a direct debit authorisation and your details as mentioned above in number 4.

With regard to German language courses an enrolment is normally only possible after attending a personal consultation and by making a cash payment.

Special terms of contract normally apply to training courses. The registration in such a training course is only possible via the application contract.


A reduction on course fees can only be granted on presentation of a confirmation. The following groups are entitled to a reduction:

  • pupils, students, trainees/apprentices (the international student card does not fall into this category and also students who are on leave, who are writing their doctoral thesis, as well as students of an open university and pupils/students who have an employment contract).
  • unemployed people who receive unemployment benefit need to bring along a confirmation from the job centre. People who receive financial aid from the social welfare office also need to bring along a corresponding confirmation.
  • owners of the "Hausmarke", "Ehrenamtskarte or "Juleica" receive a reduction of €10 per course. Proof must be submitted.

Reductions for holders of the Hannover Aktiv passport are specially indicated and are limited to one course per person and per trimester. We reserve the right to set further limitations. Generally we can only grant these reductions as long as the financial resources of the city of Hannover are available.

There is no reduction applicable if it is not indicated. If a course is paid by a third party, the full price must be paid.

If you require a reduction, it is necessary to present a confirmation. Without any kind of such, the full fee is to be paid. If you hand in a confirmation after the payment or rather the preauthorized payment has already been carried out we will charge 5 € as administration costs for the refunding of the difference amount. A reimbursement is only possible within the first four weeks of the beginning of the course.


We do not accept any instalments on course fees, except there is a divergent rule indicated in the course announcement.

Receipt/Certification of attendance

If you did not enrol in person, you will get your receipt on the first day of class from the teacher/trainer. The receipt can be useful for tax declarations along with the course announcement. The receipt will be signed by the teacher/trainer on the last day of class if a minimum of 70% attendance is attained. For further certification please see us in our office.

Notification/ Cancellation of courses

If we have your current email address, we will send you a notification three days before the start of your course. All participants of a one-week course are going to receive a confirmation via post one week before the start of the course.

We reserve the right to cancel courses with less than 10 participants. If we have to cancel a course, we will inform you.

Replacement of teacher/ trainer or location

Due to different reasons, a change of location or teacher/trainer can occur. If this is to be the case, you will be contacted as soon as possible. Such a change of location within Hannover does not entitle for reimbursement. The same goes for the replacement of the teacher/trainer (with the same qualifications) or in case the class is postponed up to two weeks per trimester due to illness of the teacher/trainer for example.

Period of lessons

The classes take place at the announced days, even during school holidays except for bank holidays. If a class is cancelled, a replacement date is arranged, meaning, you will not lose out on a class, it will only be postponed. There is no claim for reimbursement if a participant is not able to attend the replacement date.

Withdrawal/ Reimbursement/
Revocation according to the Distance Selling Act

If you cancel your participation two weeks before the start of the course, you are entitled to a full reimbursement.

If this two week limit is exceeded, the fee cannot be reimbursed (also due to illness, visa delays etc.).

If you have enrolled via remote means of telecommunication there exists the right of withdrawal up to 14 days after concluding the contract. If you withdraw after the payment/collection of the fee has already been carried out and this process therefore requires a refunding, we charge an administration fee of 5 €. You will be proportionally charged if you have already claimed some of the services.

Generally, the cancellation of the course needs to be done in written form (for example via email, fax or mail). One cannot transfer the paid course fee to another trimester.

Special regulation

If a participant who is attending a foreign language class (except German) realizes during the first class that the level is not appropriated, we will offer him a placement test. If the appropriate course is full and you contact us within two working days of the first class, we will reimburse the complete fee. Regarding apprenticeships and trainings as well as examinations there are divergent conditions applicable.

Substitute participants

If you are not able to take part in a certain course, you are allowed to find someone else to take your place. However, if you have not paid a full fee (because of a reduction) and the other person also requires a reduction, then he or she is to show a confirmation, otherwise the full fee is required.
If we have a waiting list for this course, the Bildungsverein can try to find a substitute participant. Hereby, an administration fee of 5 € will be charged.


Along with your inscription you agree to the electronic registration of your personal data. We will only use these data on an internal level and not pass them on.

The processing of the data is carried out in accordance with the rules of the European Data Protection Regulation (EU DSGVO from April 27, 2016) as well as the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG from Mai 30, 2017). For further information please click here.

It is not allowed to make any kind of audio-visual recordings of the class unless all attendees have agreed.


The Bildungsverein is not liable for accidents or damages of any kind or loss of personal belongings on the way to class or on the way home after class or during class in the premises of the Bildungsverein.

Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction is Hanover.

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